European Drag Racing Series,

For the riders:

The DHRA started in 2012 with the European Drag Racing Series. All this is under the Flag of the OSL/SLD program (Operation Street Legal/Street Legal Drags). This program was conceived and founded by Tony Rowe and in cooperation with the DHRA.  This European Championship will be held with street legal vehicles with  additional class rules. These matches are held in the  Netherlands and Germany for 2012. The classes  are;  A, B, C, D-SL (heads-up with classes index), the SE (breaket) and SM 10.5 outlaw class (heads-up). The regulations can be found on this website. In each class we have a class Championship on the basis of the most points, however we count the best 3 out of 5 or 4 of the 6 matches. When you race all events and you will get bonus points. In overall final  we race for the King Street title. In the calendar, you can see all datum’s governing the Dutch SLD and EDRS.

For other organizations.

From 2012, start the possibility  to participate in the EDRS,
there are a number of possibilities:

  • DHRA take care of everything on your event;
  • DHRA provides the time perception, approval and registration or combination thereof;
  • DHRA provides officials for checking your own organization to participate in order to guarantee equality for the EDRS and her ranking.

 If  you use your own equipment and people and want you participate in the program, then you pay an entrance fee for the EDRS series. To do this, we provide the necessary officials and handling of the overall standings.

The standard minimum requirement for participation in the classes of EDRS:

  • DHRA regulations and OSL/SLD program are mandatory!
  • Payment of an entrance fee per year of part names, pro ratio for the number of contests-minimum 3 officials present on the day of the race. (Timing crew, Tech inspection, Registration)
  • Participation in annual meeting in November.
  • Participation in trainings organized by DHRA for the EDRS Series

-What is the minimally regulated by EDRS/DHRA

  • Cups for all class that relate to EDRS
  • Grand Final + mega Cup for SKOE
  • Prices for nr 2 and 3 of SKOE
  • Management for publishing regulations (1st week of November)
  • Marketing and public relations

 If you are interested to participate in the  EDRS please E-Mail us:

Tony Rowe
Gerard Roelofsen
Cary koper

For Germany:

Danny Sanders
Marcel Gouma